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1970s Vintage Toys

Stan Ward

Here is a list of some of the more famous 1970s Vintage toys that nowadays can fetch upwards of a thousand dollars at auction or at other forms of the vintage toy trade. They are quite popular for cultural significance as well as for their original popularity among school children. They are just as popular among adults in modern times.

The LEGO Building Toy - This toy is as popular today than what it was originally when it came out. It is much like other LEGO toy's that were all well received and bought in high numbers. Kids and adults alike still play with this game and it's become a hallmark of Mattel's toys stable.

The Sears Toy Mixer (1970) - This has been a classic 1970's vintage toy that many young girls found very popular at the time. Its sales reached epic proportions. It can be said that this is a culturally significant toy - and is popular nowadays for that reason.

Aerial Ladder (Tonka 1972) - Toys by Tonka today are made very differently to what they once were, but this Tonka was and is popular because it's very rugged and real to life. Many boys at the time loved Tonka as much as the adults and children alike do today.

Mr. Potato Head with Plastic Head - The famous Mr. Potato Head had a range of famous toys but this is one of the significant 1970's vintage toys for a host of reasons. It sold extremely well, and even at the time, adults loved it as a show piece.

Simon Says (Milton Bradley 1970) - This can be said to be the most annoying brain teaser game ever to be made and most annoying of 1970's vintage toys batch. The statement, "Simon says" can still be heard today and it originated from this culturally significant game.

These are just some of the famous, popular and expensive 1970's Vintage Toys collected today.

Collecting vintage and antique toys usually begins with toys that bring back fond memories from the past. Rekindle those memories by visiting Vintage and Antique and find everything from classic tin toys [] right up to the more modern Star Wars toys.


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1970s Vintage Toys

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