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7 Baseball Cards Worth 7 Figures Found

Someone in the family who was cleaning the run-down house of their deceased great-grandfather was wise enough to look in a crumpled paper bag before throwing it in the trash.

Inside were seven identical baseball cards with a picture on the front and the words "Ty Cobb—King of the Smoking Tobacco World" in green ink on the back.

The family contacted experts who tested the cards, found them authentic, and appraised them at $1 million. Until this discovery, only 15 of these cards were known. They were originally part of the T206 lot that was designed and issued by the American Tobacco Co. from 1909 to 1911 and included the famous Honus Wagner card.

The family, from a southern state, has remained anonymous and has not announced what they plan to do.

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7 Baseball Cards Worth 7 Figures Found

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